Get started making a Viral Video

Posted on Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Get started making an animated video

Get started making a Viral Video
Sundstedt Animation videos are very creative and effective, check out our portfolio and offers. Let’s get your website and business the awesome attention it deserves now!

Viral Videos

It’s really easy. Get started making a Viral Video! All you do is provide your brief/narrative using our template form, then we can take care of the rest of the production creating the high quality video. We do all kinds of 2D and 2.5D animation styles, we have our own explainer video and whiteboard video designs styles and looks to offer you a unique custom style for your video.

Film Festivals and Videos going Viral

We have the experience of working with many types of companies from a wide range of industries. We have worked remotely with a diverse range of clients all over Scotland, England, Europe, USA, and Canada.

Clients Worldwide use Sundstedt Animation

If you have questions about the production, we have written an easy to follow ‘how does it work’ 8 step guide here.

All the design, artwork, character design, animation, editing, sound effects, custom embedding code and download of the original 1080p HD quality video file is included in the quoted price.

Handcrafted Artwork for each video

For a Voice Over you either provide a professional VO recording of your choice or we can hire an experienced VO artist for an additional fee. For music we can help you pick the perfect royalty free track from a music loop website. One melody to match the length of your video is typically $25 USD.

Videos going viral

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