Free 1080p Rounded Corners .PSD file for AE, PS (great for Vimeo etc.)

Posted on Thursday, 14 June 2012

I was needing a rounded corner 1080p (1920 x 1080) layer for my 2d cartoon animation and other 3d animations as well. This can be useful for reasons such as:

  • You want a smooth white nice rounded corner look for your video in Vimeo or your white background webpage.
  • You want to hide the outer edges of your video with a rounded edge, as I needed to do to hide a Squiggle effect that distorted my outer edge.

So, I figured I would be nice and share this .PSD file I created so you can import it as the top layer in After Effects, Photoshop and use in your comp. This also works in any other video/editing application with layers.

Here is an example of my edge layer applied as the top layer in one of my 2D animations (notice the smooth rounded corners):

You can download my .PSD file here

If you like you could of course change the color of the rounded edge layer in PS/AE.


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