Corporate Video Production Scotland

Posted on Monday, 15 July 2013

Handcrafted Corporate Video Production Scotland

Sundstedt Animation offer the best quality web, corporate and event video production for very competitive prices. We are the most creative, premium animated explainer and demo video production studio in Scotland. We are located just outside Glasgow. You can call us on Tel: +44 (0) 7531 800 711 to discuss your project today. We are corporate video specialists: Enterprise, dynamic, fun and engaging. We provide animated video, creative corporate video and animated short films.

Corporate Video Production Scotland

Our experience includes Web Video Production, TV Ad Production video, 2D animation, Corporate videos, explainer videos and whiteboard videos for start-ups and existing companies. Other services include illustration, character design and music videos. Sundstedt Animation is a dynamic animated film studio, our explainer videos are unique, custom made, cute (optional) and inspiring.

Video Production in Scotland

The corporate animated web videos are innovative & effective as corporate films should be, what makes us better is that the quality in the images and artwork is higher than the competition, more love and care is spent on the little details, resulting in a video that is different and that stands out. Our explainer video, demo video & corporate video production includes markets such as the medical, research, technical and consumer market. We can provide you with examples to show what kind of digital online videos we can do.

corporate animated web videos

As an independent maker of short animated films and videos, we are not restricted to providing our services only to Glasgow, Edinburgh, the rest of Scotland and the United Kingdom. We also offer our professional corporate video and explainer video services worldwide, including all of Europe and the US markets. We are based in Scotland but we work with clients and agencies all over the world remotely.

independent maker of short animated films and videos

The corporate videos we design are made to explain your product, service, company or idea. It’s what we do, every day. We are always on time and on budget! Our videos are created in-house using custom, handcrafted artwork, no stock images or templates are used. This means our videos requires a lot more work for us to create, but the result speak for itself. With our unique style, high quality, custom made, totally original our videos are guaranteed to be different.

totally original our videos are guaranteed to be different.

When we create our strikingly good looking videos, we make sure to pay attention to all the details and ensuring that we bring your vision to life. Contact us today and explain what you need your video for and we are happy to give you free initial consultation on how we work, what we do and how we do it, as one of the most experienced explainer and explanatory video production studios in the UK.

wide range of video production and online web video services

We offer a wide range of video production and online web video services. If you would like to know what we can do and what different styles we can provide, you can click on the samples menu in the menu above to view a selection of our work. Our entire website is full with detailed information of our services and if there is anything you cannot find in the FAQ or anywhere else, please use the contact form and don’t be afraid to ask. We can design a new style for your video from scratch.

We provide our animated corporate video production services to all of Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We always try to inspire and inform and attract new clients that want to hire us to make professional corporate videos for them.

inspire and inform and attract new clients

Our innovative videos are created in full 1080p HD as standard and can be used both online as web / landing page video embedded on your website, on YouTube, Vimeo, social media, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The video can also be used for TV/Broadcast & for the production of Blu Ray & DVDs. We can create videos in any custom format you need. We can now also offer 4K (2160p) video as an extra option. Interested in 4K? Then do remember to let us know when asking for your free quote. We can supply videos to be used for TV, web, live events, training, sales videos, creative short film & corporate presentations, covering Scotland, the UK, all of Europe & Worldwide.

Other services include Digital Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Graphics and other graphics such as artwork for interactive media and iPad and Android Apps, both 2D & 2.5D. If your video needs your logo animatedD, we can provide that as well as any other text animations or GIF animation loops.

great explainer video

Having our help to produce your own corporate video means you will have direct contact with us & we can provide expert advice on what makes a truly great explainer video. Our bespoke videos for companies have the potential to go viral, although going viral is also about luck & is something that no explainer video producer can promise. We do however put all our effort into making sure we do the very best video we possibly can for every project.

Our videos are designed to communicate your idea, product or service and making it easy to understand for everyone. We believe in leading by reputation and we try to make every video even better than the last one. We are extremely passionate about what we do and we put a lot of love into the creation of your video. We know that making a video can be scary so we make sure to help you every step of the way.

we make sure to help you every step of the way

With our fresh new way of thinking & with our experience in producing videos loved by clients and viewers, directing and animating videos, corporate videos, advert videos, demo videos, training videos, TV, record labels, website videos and promotional videos, you can be sure that your video will be of the highest quality. Just look at our examples and judge yourself. We are confident that we make the best, most clear and effective corporate videos & explainer videos and corporate videos in Scotland.

If you need any other type of videos like video Podcast production, please get in touch to discuss your project. We’re delighted to talk to you and we would love to work with you on creating your own awesome animated video.

To read more about what we do, don’t forget to check out or blog where you can read posts that focus on our work and on tips and tricks in software and other things that interest us and that we hope you will find useful.

Professional Corporate Video Production Scotland

If you are looking for Professional Corporate Video Production Scotland, you have come to the right place so you can stop looking! We are very friendly and quick to reply to your email. You can also connect with us via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and most other social media networks. Feel free to invite us today and we really appreciate if you add us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

creative corporate animated video project

If you are a start up and need a How it Works Video to explain your new website or product, contact us today, it’s what we do. You will get a reply from us very quickly, usually within 1-2 hours or less during business hours. So just get in touch to get your creative corporate animated video project started.


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