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Posted on Tuesday, 3 March 2015

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With the fun digital animations we create, kids of all ages can watch them on their tablets and smartphones. They can create using different original apps using many different techniques. Apps and games and educational websites help kids to develop their creativity and learn other important skills.

This is what we do

Animations for Apps

This is Sundstedt Animation, we specialize in the creation of animations for websites, smartphones, tablets like iPad and other devices. Because we love what we do, we keep creating new quirky and cute animated videos and we always aim to please.

Who is your app for?

Who is the app for

We come up with a lot of ideas for your animations, while we like for you to have a think first and explain to us what you are looking for. Is it an animation for kids? For adults? Is the animation for a website or for your new app, or both?

The type of companies we work with

The type of app companies we work for

We work with many different companies and we are keen to work with app developers, book companies, app games developers, animated ebooks companies, agencies and start-ups.

A growing world of apps

a growing world of apps

As you may have noticed, the world of apps is overwhelming and there are many companies creating apps, including many start-ups. Are you an app developing business in need of video? Not to worry, we are available to help!

Experience in creation animations for app developers

working with app developers

We have the experience to create an animated video for your app, including explainer videos for your social app to animated snippets and intros for your app game. We have developed animated explainers for start-ups and here is an example of what they think about the video we created explain & market their app:

“Working with Anders is a pleasure. He is a great mix of creativity and practicality which can be rare. He is extremely thorough and customer focused and also had great ideas and animates beautifully. He developed an explainer video for our social treating app Givvit and it is perfect, exactly what we wanted.”


Continued development of skills

Continued development of skills

This was the very first animated app video we created for a start-up. We have created more videos since then and we keep learning new skills, techniques and develop new ideas for services we can provide in animation. We are self-taught in animation, we learn new skills, read blogs, books and watch training videos (when we got the time). We also apply all our different skills, including a technical background in media technology & engineering, in the making of digital video creations for your app tools, app games and animated eBooks.

Animated eBooks - Sundstedt Animation

Easy to work with – thrive from ideas

Easy to work with: that’s what our clients say about us. We’re also great at following directions from the client. We thrive from creating animations and illustrations based on your ideas for a script or storyboard. Whatever you want in your app, we can explain how we work, what the process is and get you a quote for the project for free.

No robots allowed

No robots allowed

We don’t have an app or a robot that can create the artwork, designs or animations for our videos. Our work is hand-made, handcrafted, built from scratch. We only use computers to help with the animation, while all the artwork and characters are hand-drawn, usually on paper and then scanned, sometimes using a graphics tablet with a pen. We then enhance the artwork further digitally and manually prepare and set up each scene for animation. Finally, the animation process is started. After doing the animation, then SFX is added and mixed with voice over and any music track.

Total ban of templates & Stock

we do not allow templates

We have our own methods and processes, while we ban the use of ready-made templates or the use of any stock artwork, stock characters or stock animations. Simply because we are unique, have our own styles and we want all our animated videos and artwork to be different and unique. If a studio uses stock designs that means your video will not be unique because it uses designs and artwork that are also used in other company’s apps, marketing videos, explainers, and other animations.

Animations for Apps by Sundstedt Animation

Animation Blog

We blog about animation, animated explainers, what we do, tips & tricks and news. Our blog shares information about explainer videos and why they are useful.

Animated apps for kids & Video Snippets

apps for kids

We like to do work for app start-ups, animated apps for kids creators, kids apps, special apps, and animated online web series. Another area we are interested in are the creation of video snippets for the web.

Here to offer fun, quirky and precise animation services

fun and quirky

Whether you are an app developer, a start-up, an agency or another business, Sundstedt Animation is here for you. Our clients love the fun, simple, quirky, yet detailed and precise animations of often very difficult concepts that needs to be easily explained, especially for young kids. These apps provide great tools for educating children and students and we want to work with you offering our skills.

Animated eBooks & Apps for Kids

Animated eBooks & Apps for Kids

One area of apps is animated eBooks for kids, kids love these apps and quickly learns how to use them. Whether you are a developer for iPad or for another tablet, we can create the animations you need for your animated eBook or game app. There are so many great kids apps on the market and we want to help you create an awesome new app and share these with parents and help you spread the word about your new app. We even offer to host any marketing/explainer with you for free and give you the embedding code you need, without any branding. With the rise of mobile, video as a part of an overall online marketing strategy really is a must, so get in touch if you would like a chat.

Thanks for visiting – any suggestions?

App Animations Company

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy this website, reel and portfolio of other explainers and animations. If you have any questions or any suggestions, please do send them on.

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