Animated Video: PowerPhotonic LightForge

Posted on Friday, 6 December 2013

LightForge Animated Explainer Video

Animated Video – LightForge

Created by Sundstedt Animation.


“Anders created an informational animated video for a new service launched by PowerPhotonic. The service involves micro-optical design and is therefore highly technical, but Anders managed to distill the key aspects in to two entertaining and informative minutes of high-quality animation. The video provides potential customers with answers to questions such as: what does this service do? how do I use the product? and what are the competitive advantages? without getting bogged down in technical detail. Not only was Anders very personable to interact with, he worked nights and weekends to finish the video in order to have it released by our approaching launch deadline; without which we would have been without a significant piece of marketing collateral. I would highly recommend using Anders for animation work as his excellent value, dedication, creativity and personality made him a pleasure to work with.”
Matthew Currie
Product Manager at PowerPhotonic

The LightForge™ micro-optics fabrication service allows optical designers to create their own completely bespoke optical surface and have the fabricated part shipped in as a little as 2 weeks, and for less than $3,000.

LightForge™ is a new low-cost rapid fabrication service from PowerPhotonic, giving optical designers the ability to create innovative new freeform surfaces, test new ideas and verify designs for production without incurring expensive upfront engineering charges and lengthy prototyping lead times.

LightForge™ can be used to create a wide range of refractive optical elements, from generic functions such as beam transformers and microlens arrays, to unique components such as diode laser smile correctors and wavefront compensator phaseplates, to completely custom surface shapes. The scope of what can be done is limited only by the designer’s imagination. LightForge™ optics come with a variety of options including a broadband anti-reflection coating and a mounting disc that enables quick and easy deployment using industry-standard 2-inch lens mounts.

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