Anders Sundstedt receives excellent feedback from MPII

Posted on Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Excellent feedback from Max-Plancks Research Institut Informatik

Upon recently finishing my first freelance project based in the UK, I have received a written letter of recommendation from the high-profile client Max-Plancks Research Institut Informatik, here follows an excerpt:

Anders tasks were:

– Communication with our demo programmer on intended 3D models

– Design of 3D models and textures

– Generation of so called baked textures (precalculated global illumination lighting)

– Testing of generated 3D content, using the software prototype’s XML and script language

He further added:

– Investigation of light settings in real museum galleries

– Own paintings to decorate the scene’s interior walls

– Investigation of HDR capabilities in Maya

“Mr. Sundstedt exhibited a high level of enthusiasm during his work and continuously kept us updated on the progress of his work tasks, despite having to telework. He addressed possible issues in time, and kept himself strictly to the deadlines, often overfulfilling the demands. He showed creative ability beyond the 3D design, e.g. by visiting a real museum gallery to improve his modeling or by adding his own image material, and was not afraid to take on unusual tasks, such as scripting the software prototype to test the 3D content at his own workplace.

Mr. Sundstedt was a pleasure to work with, consistently demonstrating enthusiasm, creativity, and diligent work attitude. These characteristics will allow him to make a valuable contribution to many 3D design projects, not only as a modeller, but also as a person able to communicate and work in a team with the software developers.”

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