Advanced Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop

Posted on Sunday, 14 December 2008

This afternoon I have been studying the first 2 lectures of the DVD Advanced Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop. I’ve picked up a lot of interesting knowledge on Digital Painting in Photoshop. Among other things the use of the line tool and gradient tool; combined with drawing in the mask all the time; adjusting curves and clone tool, keeping things in layers; adjusting gradients on imported photographic objects etc. All very cool techniques that I am looking forward to experiment with next time I create a Digital Painting. Blogging about my own training here is really just like keeping a diary of my CG activities and my progress in learning new skills; independent on if it is commercial work or just for my own pleasure and development. I would highly recommend this training DVD; if I make some new images I will post them here first.

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