Adobe Touch praise animated video on Twitter

Posted on Saturday, 22 September 2012

Adobe Touch praise animated video – I got a lovely message from Adobe Touch @AdobeTouch on Twitter, where they said ‘It’s wonderful!’ about my cartoon drawings in the animation I created. They went on by asking me to talk them through the creative process which I would be happy to do. The people at Adobe have created the really useful ‘Adobe Ideas’ app that I used to design all of the line art myself to be used in my animated explanation video ‘How does it work’:

Adobe Touch on Twitter have an amazing 15,068 followers. Hopefully this means more people will be able to enjoy my videos and follow me on Twitter at @AfterEffectsArt and @sundstedt for updates and interesting links.

If you need an animated video, I am currently available for hire so please contact me to discuss your project, or get started today!

Adobe Touch Apps are a series of apps for creative pros. In this case I bought and used the ‘Adobe Ideas’ app, which I used to design my characters and artwork to be used in my animated explanation video.

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