3D modeling and rendering case study

Posted on Friday, 28 September 2012

3D modeling and rendering case study – Sundstedt Animation creates custom 3D models, 3D Animations and 3D images on request

Above is an example of modeling, lighting, material, rendering and a simple animation of a product. Models in this example are based on individual parts CAD manufacturing data and some additional modeling from scratch to create the 4-chair product version, primarily for creating a set of 3D still images for use in product promotion on the clients brand new website, printed folders and store.

Apart from creating 3D rendered images, also I made images like this one, a Quad Lounger image from individual product photographs, creating the illusion of a Quad Lounger variant, entirely in Photoshop:

I had to do advanced retouch work in Photoshop: simulating the perspective of chairs being at different distances from the camera by scaling, creating all the overlaps / occlusion of loungers and I had to create the lower ground connecting bar and the top connecting bar in Photoshop as they did not exist, as no Quad Lounger product were built that could be photographed. The result is a realistic but non-existing product variant made using very advanced Photoshop retouch skills.


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