Experienced 2D Animator available for infographics projects

Posted on Thursday, 22 March 2012

2D Animator available for infographics projects

A simpler way of showing information

turning your infographic into an animated infographic

Inventive video infographics: We’re a Scotland based animation business providing custom made, branded content for a diverse range of global business and start-ups. We turn your infographic into an engaging animated infographic. The extraordinary attention to detail and the quality helps to create a premium infographics animation. Let us tell your story using infographics!

enhancing your infographic with animation

We take your existing, static infographic and turns it into a 2D/2.5D animated infographic. This can be animated GIFs loops, 2D motion graphics. By enhancing your infographic with animation, it helps you tell your story in a more dynamic, engaging way than using static infographic only.

create custom made infographic videos to help brands

We produce unique, inspiring, inventive 2D and “2.5D” infographic videos, motion graphics and 2D animated explainer videos. We create custom made infographic videos helping brands, start-ups, non-profits, agencies and production companies tell their stories in a unique way. We have a simple production process and premium quality videos at a price lower than agencies.

graphic assets are made by hand

Our animated video production company creates 100% custom, original, premium 2D and 2.5D animated videos for the UK, EU, USA and Canada markets. We’re used to working remotely with our clients and agencies producing artwork made from scratch, detailed animations, complex motion design / motion graphics videos either in a sketchy or more polished style. We come up with a new design style for every project as all assets, any characters and graphics are custom made by hand. For an infographic video, the client sometimes wants us to use existing infographics like graphs and tables, adding motion to them, which we can do if that’s what the client prefers.

2D Animator available for infographics projects

About Anders:

  • Can handle multiple projects, using existing assets provided or created myself from scratch.
  • Have great communication skills working remote with clients.
  • Can create storyboard based on client script/VO or can work from an existing storyboard.
  • Know timing, making video SNAPPY, telling a story & making the video FUN to watch.
  • Create animated videos, how to videos, infographics, product, idea, service or startup.
  • Can do different STYLES, including cartoon, motion graphics and vector.
  • Project prices are variable depending on the complexity of what you want and timeframe.
  • FAST and skilled in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and many other software.
  • Experienced with 20+ years of industry experience.

For much more details please visit the About Anders Page.

Contact information:

Anders Sundstedt, M.Sc. | Founder | Director | Designer
Animator | Illustrator | Motion Designer

Mobile: +44 7531 800 711
Mail: [email protected]

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