2D animation for your app or website

Posted on Friday, 2 December 2011

2D animation for your app or website

Looking for a short colorful-sketch-2D animation for your app or website? This animation could be on the home page of the site, and as a viral video on YouTube and Vimeo etc. Opening titles, book trailers, skin retouch, we do it all. Simple check the services page for a list of our most popular services.

Videos Director - Glasgow Scotland

The concept of the video could be to show what your app or website or product can do in a fun/comical manner, it does not have to be a very “corporate” video.

animated social media videos

Whether you require a 2D animation company in Glasgow for a TV ad or website, an infographics video, whiteboard or an animated 2D music video, we can create it.

2D Animated Explainer Video - Sundstedt Animation _51_1

Please let us know if you are interested to discuss your project today. Award-winning motion graphics and 2D animation, near Glasgow in Scotland. We’ve completed amazing projects for broadcast and online.

2D animation for your app - Whiteboard Video Scotland

We have the skills and the experience in designing this type of animation and could help you make a high-quality video that will explain how your product, app or website works in an easy way!

Whiteboard animation provider - custom made only

There are endless possibilities using the latest animation technology, but perhaps even more important is that we have 50 film festival nominations and awards.

2D animation for your app or website

As a small animation studio, we always strive to improve our video work, as can tell in our latest animated 2D music video animations where we combine our persona illustration style with a number of characters and background artwork in an exciting, unique way. All made from nothing.

endless possibilities using the latest animation technology

Have a look at our reels for animated video examples.

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