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We can create custom cartoon illustrations that can be used for events, to help businesses reach their audience. Our custom made illustrations can also be used for print, website and marketing. We have experience in using our illustrations to tell a story visually and we can also use them to create animations in our own unique, personal style. Interested in illustrations or animations? Let’s Talk.

Illustrations, Storyboards and Visuals for your marketing ideas

Illustration Service - Sundstedt Animation

Local and international clients

We provide a range of Illustration Services for clients both locally, nationally and internationally. By creating original, quality characters and custom artwork for our projects, instead of cheap stick figures or stock, we provide our own artistic styles that clients love, for your online content marketing ideas, b2b content marketing strategy and other types of content marketing plans.

Illustration Techniques

Sundstedt Illustration Services for b2b content marketing agencies

Illustrations in ‘Lush’ animated music video from The Mother.

Sundstedt Animation Music Video Background

Scene Background Design/Illustration concept image.

We can work with a range of styles and techniques ranging from digital to analogue and from pencils to professional graphic tablets, Intuos, Wacom, Pigment Liners and Artist Pens. When suitable we can also combine analogue and digital, 2D and 3D elements to our illustrations for online content marketing process.

all illustrations produced are unique to your content marketing solutions

creating custom made quality characters for all our animated videos and illustrations services

Character Design Services

We specialize in 2D character design, web illustrations, children’s books illustrations, educational learning and cartoon style illustrations tailored for you. When designing a new character or object, for example, a rag doll for a short 2D animated film, we created multiple concept sketches which we then show to the client for their input.

character concept sketches for online marketing plan

Then we went ahead and created this colored, simple polished character illustration for the animation based on the concept sketches for the animated music video content.

Colored Character Illustration for Video

Illustration for a wide range of uses in content marketing

We have been commissioned by a variety of the best content marketing companies to design and create custom made, original characters, mascots, avatars and backgrounds used for a range of uses in content marketing blogs, content marketing for small businesses, elements of a content strategy, content marketing articles, online content marketing and content for marketing plans. We have produced many animated films and videos for awesome content marketing firms, all using our custom made character designs, such as educational, marketing, explainer video & demo short films:

Our personal style lends itself to a wide range of different uses in a good content marketing strategy.

illustration artwork for content marketing small business

Example uses of our illustrations

  • 2D backgrounds for animation and posters
  • advertising
  • After Effects Animations
  • animation artwork/illustrations
  • book cover illustration
  • branding and packaging
  • character design/creation
  • childrens books illustrations
  • company mascots / avatars / characters
  • design required for titles
  • drawing background for game project
  • education / educational illustration
  • kids illustrations
  • leaflets/brochures illustrations
  • medicinal illustrations
  • storyboards
  • technical illustrations
  • toy illustrations
  • vector illustrations
  • web design decoration / backgrounds
  • website/blog illustrations

In case you are interested and would like to discuss your project and get a free illustration quote, please do get in touch today using our contact form or give us a call on our phone number: +44(0)141 800 711. We look forward to speaking to you.

Illustration Services from Glasgow

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