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Sundstedt Animation is a provider of eye-catching animated infographics and data visualization for agencies and businesses.


Infographics are eye-catching and educating

Infographics are becoming more and more popular worldwide and we can provide both static infographic design, motion graphics and data visualization. An infographic animation is a visual representation of data and knowledge. Static infographics are collages of information, designed to educate and entertain the viewer. Visual information is absorbed faster than other information types and can benefit your website traffic and help explain your message through a short, simple and compelling visualization with cool handcrafted corporate 2d infographic animation.

corporate 2d infographic animation

Animated Infographics tell a story

Animated Infographics are super-popular. Our infographics clearly tell the short story about any topic, making sure your design is seen by as many people as possible, sharing the message through your infographic. An animated infographic is also fun and engaging and makes it much easier to understand a complex subject, as endless studies have proven. We can create infographic videos for your social media channels or for personal use. Animated Video Infographics can be embedded within your online homepage, it can be shared via social media, or posted within relevant blogs. On top of this traffic driven through YouTube is consistently high.

corporate 2d infographic animation service

Animated Visual Illustrations

Infographics are visual illustrations communicating information by the use if symbols, signs, diagrams and maps. When these illustrations are set in motion they can be utilized to represent very complex scenarios. Animated Infographics can be very informative, funny, entertaining and touching.

Video has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years and are increasingly becoming the way people prefer to learn & be informed. Has your company got one yet? Get a Quote for your video here.

Animated Infographics

Corporate Infographics Video. Animation: Sundstedt Animation. Agency: Mind Orchard

So, are you interested in making an animated infographic? If you have a story to tell or need to explain a topic, then you should consider a 100% custom made infographic animation from Sundstedt Animation.

Corporate 2D Infographic Design Service

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What is infographics?

Infographics tell a story by using graphic design to help make an idea easy to remember and simple to understand. Infographics catch people’s eye and can tell a story about any topic required. Studies show that visuals is more effective than text information, by about 90% when it comes to making a topic memorable. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly & clearly.

Animated Infographic Video Production Agency Company Services

What is an animated infographic?

Animated infographics are a visual data representation to present information with speed and clarity, using images, shapes, voice-over, text and animation to help the viewer understand the information being communicated.

animated infographics graphs

Infographic Design process

Infographic Design

Infographic is a visual campaign created by a team of marketers, storytellers, designers and creative problem solvers. The most important aspects of the infographic design process includes flow, colours, data, design, words and distribution.

Animated infographics are a visual data representation to present information with speed and clarity

Interest in animated infographics, video infographics and infographic animation:

Video Production Agency Company Services – Animation Portfolio

We make inspiring, unique 2D animations and infographics for Corporate and Commercial clients around the globe. The projects below are samples of different styles of 2D animated videos we’ve made with pride:

Glasgow City Council - Sundstedt Animation
Glasgow City Council – Animated Explainer Video
Fewer Funerals Animated Explainer Video
Fewer Funerals - Animated Explainer Video
International Diabetes Federation - Taking Diabetes to Heart - Sundstedt Animation - Animated Campaign Video
The Old Red Rooster Music Video
The Old Red Rooster - Animated Music Video
Eco-Schools - Animated Explainer Video
Microsoft Whiteboard Video - Sundstedt Animation
Microsoft Windows 10 Protects - Whiteboard Video
The Black Sheep - Animated Music Video
The Black Sheep - Animated Music Video
DPRAA Animated Explainer Video
DPRAA - Animated Explainer Video
Lush Animated Music Video - Mother - Sundstedt Animation
Lush - Animated Music Video
Pale White Guy Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Live - Animated Music Video
Cayman Dance Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Cayman Dance - Animated Music Video
100 Years in Marketing - Animated Explainer Video
Duraflor Animated Explainer Video
Duraflor - Animated Explainer Video
Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video
Milo Biotechnology - Animated Explainer Video
KiDS Educational Whiteboard Video
IDF KiDS - Educational Whiteboard Video
Dumfries & Galloway Animated Explainer Video
Dumfries & Galloway - Animated Marketing Video
Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Windows 10 Defender - Whiteboard Video
Zestica Educational Medical Animation
Zestica - Animated Educational Video
Givvit Explainer Video
Givvit - Animated Explainer Video
ARCHIE-WeST Animation
ARCHIE-WeSt - Animated Explainer Video
BASW Eddie - Animated Marketing Video
Windows 10 Enterprise med Software Assurance
Windows 10 Enterprise Software Assurance - Whiteboard Video
Track My Beef - Biotech Explainer Video
BASW-Steven Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation Studio
BASW Steven - Marketing Video
M-Squared-Lasers Explainer Animation
M Squared Lasers - Animated Explainer Video
BASW Amber - Marketing Video
LightForge - Animated Explainer Video
Titan Vision Animated Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation
Titan Vision - Animated Explainer Video
Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet VideoScribe
Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet - Whiteboard Video
Push Digital - Animated Explainer Video
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Windows As A Service - Whiteboard Video
Pfizer Explainer Video
Pfizer Explainer Video [Coming Soon]
Becoming an Early Riser - Explainer Video

About us

About us
Sundstedt Animation Studio is a leading visual studio located near Glasgow. With corporate 2d infographic animation, static infographics, animated infographics and motion graphics we help large and small companies to connect with their audience.

“It is without a doubt that I can say Anders is a unique animator because his goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something he enjoys to make and has pride in and the final product shows us his love of animation.”
Jeff Rolfzen
The Lark and the Loon

We are highly talented in visualizing information and we will always push ourselves to deliver beyond client expectations creating the best possible result for our clients. We enjoy what we do and continue to innovate and remain open to change and new trends in animated infographic video production services.

Get in touch

Get in touch - 2d infographic animation

Do you need an infographic? We create infographics for clients of all sizes and provide you with high-quality products for great prices and very reasonable delivery time.

Please get in touch and let us know what we can do to earn your business! Tell us what you need and what services you are looking for. Our Animated Infographic Video Production Agency Company Service is here to help.

Animated Infographics - High Quality 2D Infographic Videos

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