2D Background Artist

Original Backgrounds for your project

If you need a 2D Background Artist to make backgrounds for your animation short, high-end premium explainer video, 2D game or 2D animated music video we are happy to help out creating 2D/2.5D background artwork for your project, contact us today.

2d background artist - Anders Sundstedt

Sundstedt Animation is new animation studio near Glasgow. Anders Sundstedt is the designer and 2D background artist for all 30+ animated 2D short films available in on this website. No outsourcing, all done from scratch in-house. For a lot of examples of my 2D cartoon style backgrounds, you can look at example background artwork from our animated videos below and for more animated video examples go here.


2D Background Design

Sundstedt Animation will also develop, animate and produce animated media content, primarily new explainer video animations, whiteboard videos and animated music videos and offer production services to third-party producers such as agencies and studios, companies and artists in the music industry.

2D Background Illustrator

Our ambition is to become a leading 2D world-class studio in Scotland and we have the experience, skills and a passion for animation production, including both 2D background design, character design and animation. Every background design, character design and animation is done by Anders himself.

Explainer Video 2D Background Artist

We’re looking for new clients in the coming months and if you feel our artistic styles and background artist skills are compatible with your requirements, we would love to hear from you! Please email your inquiries to hello@sundstedt.co.uk and detail the work you need, the style, amount of detail, ow many backgrounds, what it’s for, when you need it by and any other details you can share that helps in offering you an accurate estimate and timeframe.

2D Animation Background Artist

Please also include a website, reel or link containing any of your other, most recent work if you have any. Emails without any basic details cannot be given a bid or on accurate response. All work we do is from our small studio near Glasgow.


If you are looking for a 2D Background Artist to join your team remotely in the production of online video or animated television series, as a freelancer. We have experience in doing background artwork for both 1080p and 4K and have been doing a lot of backgrounds of high quality and detail, including 3-4 minute high-quality animated music videos that are story based.

2D Background Artist Service

Anders skills as 2D background artist:

  • Highly competent, and have extensive industry experience, in the use of Photoshop and After Effects.
  • Have excellent drawing skills with a great sense of colour, design, perspective and composition.
  • Have strong organisational skills, self-motivation and a keen eye for detail.
  • Is willing to take direction and constructive feedback, and hit scheduled deadlines.
  • Have a proven ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.
  • Some animations have been broadcast and has worked for big named companies.
  • A total of 31+ official film festival selections, nominations and awards!

2D Animated Music Video Background Artist

See animation portfolio to view examples of our work.


Interested in working together? We do not work with just anyone. Please fill out this form and we’ll follow up. Or email us at hello@sundstedt.co.uk or call Anders Sundstedt: +44 7531 800 711

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