Professional Video Skin Retouching Service

Video Skin Beauty Retouching Service

Sample: Professional Video Skin Retouching

This video skin retouch example video is an actual demo sample of our Professional video skin retouching service: Video Skin Retouch, Removing Wrinkles, Smooth Skin, Realistic Perfect Skin work on a clients latest music video. See the original video (left) and after processing (right). As you can see the skin is now smooth, scars removed, without affecting the environment like for example the clothing, background and foreground elements.
Resolutions: 720p, 1080p, up to 4K. Competitive rates & personal service.

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Example: Web Cam Video Skin Retouching:

This example shows one frame from a low quality web cam video, before (top) and after retouching (bottom):

In this example video we reduced the shiny skin, bright spots, removed the door handle in the background, smoothed the skin while keeping the eyes and the rest of the image sharp. The skin also had a lot of red/pink in it and some poor lighting, we also wanted the result in black and white. We reduced the spot on the forehead to a minimum without any manual intervention (not clone stamp etc.) and did some further enhancements to get a great result. This video was retouched in After Effects using no plug-ins.


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