Sundstedt Animation work directly with our own clients & supply our animated video services to agencies we partner with. Check out our animation portfolio and see what our clients have to say in the testimonials.

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clients, brands & agencies we’ve helped include


These are some of our wonderful clients and best brands in the world that we have recently done animated videos for including Fortune 500 companies like: Microsoft, Pfizer, International Diabetes Federation (IDF), DPRAA, Eco-Schools, ARCHIE-WeSt (University of Strathclyde), Milo Biotechnology, Dumfries & Galloway, PlaceSpeak, Duraflor, Push Digital, VMS, Givvit, Pharmacells, Onyx Health, M Squared Lasers, DNA TraceBack, The Mother (Music Video), Pale White Guy (Music Video), Panda Bikes Ltd & Dibbee.

A great idea has a great story and these are examples of some of the incredible agencies, studios & production companies that have trusted us and our animation service: The Content Family, Studio Stand, Cactus ID, Totalize Media, Synergy Medical, Epipheo Studios & many more.

We have catered to many organizations such as ARCHIE-WeSt at Strathclyde University and DPRAA, as well as many start-ups, creating 100% custom made explainer videos, demo video, medical animations, corporate videos & motion graphics. Recently we have been working on animations for Microsoft & Pfizer.

Customer satisfaction speaks volumes for our focus on helping clients meet their objectives. Developing long-term relationships is key to the success of Sundstedt & that’s why our focus is on quality.

Hear what our customers have to say.



Those are some of the clients we’ve worked for. And there is one more thing: They really liked us a lot! You can also read the testimonials and quotes from some of our clients across the globe. Next chat live with us on this website or give us a call.
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Sundstedt Animation makes affordable 2D & 2.5D Explainer “How it Works” Videos for companies both locally and worldwide.

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