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Sundstedt Animation is a different animation studio based in Glasgow. Our 2D animation services are delivered by an experienced creative from a technical & academic background. This combination of academic experience, 2D/3D animation, 3D/4D application engineering, interactive games authoring, artistic & creative skills, leads to a unique animation production service to complete any mission.

About Us:


Anders Sundstedt

Founder | Art Director | Creative Director | Animator | Illustrator | Motion Graphic Designer | M.Sc. in Media Technology & Engineering

Anders is the founder and owner of Sundstedt Animation. He is a great mix of creativity and practicality which can be rare. He is extremely thorough, customer focused, has great ideas and animates beautifully. Anders prides himself in the in-house creation of handcrafted, original, different, high quality illustrations and animations that make our clients happy and help get them results.

Some of the best things about Anders:

  • Flexible and available for potential ongoing work.
  • Based in the UK and available to work remotely.
  • Friendly with good communication.
  • Can create storyboards and develop concept frames based on your briefing document.
  • Can liaise with clients & communicate with other members of your team remotely.

For more about Anders including a short biography visit this page.

Who We Are - Bert The Cat



Part-timer Bert loves lasers and chasing after all types of lids. In his free time he likes sleeping and walking on top of keyboards.


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