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Anders Sundstedt

M.Sc. | Founder | Owner | Director | Designer | Illustrator | Animator

Anders Sundstedt Animated Video Awards


Anders Sundstedt, founder & owner of Sundstedt Animation, creating bespoke innovative content such as Animated Explainer Videos, Music Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Educational Videos, Demo Videos, Non-Commercial Videos, Commercials, Short Films and Whiteboard Videos for a range of sectors, clients and agencies.


Has excellent creative skills in creating bespoke, custom made and unique handcrafted animation sequences. Has an eye for design and an exceptional attention to detail. Creates high-quality content for a variety of industries. Animated video work includes both startups, corporate and commercial projects. Is experienced in working with clients early briefs and providing clients with regular animation project progress updates and previews.

Work you can hire Anders for includes

  • Animation Direction
  • 2D Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Videoscribe Animation
  • 2.5D Parallax Animation


  • Collaborate with the client to come up with bespoke visual style and creative concept
  • Development of ideas, designs, artwork, illustrations, final designs and 2D animations
  • Working on multiple 2D animation projects from concept to completion
  • Animating 2D graphics and vector artwork
  • Creativity is key and implementing animations of high calibre
  • Working from illustration to 2D animation
  • Marketing, website development, SEO & social media
  • New clients & sales
  • Working to deadlines and animation project requirements


  • 2D/2.5D artist, animator & illustrator
  • Expert skills in After Effects & Photoshop
  • Composting, character design, video editing
  • M.Sc. Media technology & engineering
  • Ability to take video briefs and turning them into unique animated video


  • Application Engineering
  • WordPress, cPanel, Windows XP/7/10
  • HTML, CSS, Adobe Scripting (Photoshop), PHP, Basic
  • See more in biography below and at: Anders on LinkedIn


Anders is a professional creative director, designer, illustrator & animator based in Scotland, UK. He is the founder and owner of Sundstedt Animation, taking briefs from script and storyboard to production: doing concept, draft, art direction, design, direction, illustration and animation on every project from concept stage through to completion and delivery. He is also experienced in meeting tight deadlines and is able to follow strict brand guidelines for corporate videos. Anders has proven high-level working experience in Adobe Creative Suite, including After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Anders is Swedish and lives permanently in Scotland, the United Kingdom since 2004. He was born and grew up in Finspång, near Norrköping, Sweden. He realized early that he had a passion for drawing sketches and cartoons and later started drawing digital graphics and developing programming skills on the C64 and Amiga computers. For years Anders was active in the C64 Demoscene. As a Graphics Artist in the Demogroup Orbs and Mindlight Design using the handle/nick Jason, he attended Demoparties in the early 1990s.

Anders finished school as a Technical College Graduate in Engineer & Electronics (4 years). He then went on to study at Örebro University where he studied Industrial Economics & Technology Courses from the Industrial Economics program in Linköping (2 years).

With an interest in animation, computers, drawing, computer animation and film, he went on to study at the University and Linköping University where he completed a Masters of Science Degree (M.Sc.) in Media Technology and Engineering, with a profile in Visualization (4 1/2 years).

Anders had always been interested in using his skills within a creative field, so after graduating from University he moved to the United Kingdom where he spent the first 3 1/2 years of his career as an Applications Engineer – 3D Specialist / interactive games author. During this time he also created animated video specializing more in After Effects, Photoshop and Maya. Anders continued to learn more skills in animation and he knew the creative line of work was definitely for him.

While moving to Scotland to work as a 3D/4D Photographer & Application Engineer for 3 years, Anders continued to spend his free time broadening his expertise in the creation of short 2D animated films and motion graphics, mastering various methods and software. When doing this he combined his creative, illustration and animation skills with directing and passionate storytelling. Anders has produced a range of professional animated short films, both explainer videos, online commercial marketing films and music videos. Anders is also pretty handy with WordPress having continued to regularly develop, modify and improve this website for many years.

Anders is now based in Glasgow, Scotland and his main interest and business are producing, designing, directing, illustrating and animating engaging story-driven online commercials, explainer videos, demo videos, brand videos, corporate animations, educational animations, music videos and infomercials. He has directed and designed many animated short films using a variety of 2D cartoon styles and motion graphics techniques, to get the client’s stories, ideas, products or services across. He continues to combine his strong technical background with his artistic skills in often unique and unexpected ways, to create the best possible high-quality productions with his own personal style, in animated video projects all over the world.

2D Animation Production Worldwide - Anders Sundstedt

Anders has a good network of contacts in the sector, with a track record of project delivery in 2D/2.5D design for digital media in commercially-related environments.

Anders combines his strong passion for 2D animation with creative direction skills and marketing knowledge. He would love to chat about your projects & ideas. If you operate outside The United Kingdom, Anders is at your disposal for online collaborations. Feel free to browse this website and if you have any questions about animated video or explainers, he can answer them. There’s not a whole lot of independent animators out there!

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