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Of COURSE you want proof: Here is a small selection of our animated videos

We make Handcrafted Animated films for your Product, Service or Idea. With Sundstedt Animation you get years of animation experience producing great work for big names including Pfizer & Microsoft.

Duraflor Animated Explainer Video

Duraflor – Design, Trust, Performance

Givvit Animated Explainer Video

Givvit Social Treating’ is the giving of small, affordable but meaningful treats that encourage and consolidate the bonds between friends, family and loved ones. Givvit Explainer Video Case Study.

The Mother – Lush (official music video)

Lush‘ is a new song from the fourth album ‘Trip The Light Fantastic’ by dream pop/shoegaze outfit ‘The Mother’.

PlaceSpeak Animated Explainer Video

PlaceSpeak is a location-based community consultation platform.
Claim your place. Speak your mind. Influence the outcome.’

100 Years in Marketing Animated Video

100 Years in Marketing, from the canvassing travelling salesman to the digital content marketer with mad men in between!’ 2.5D Animation. [Top 10 Best Explainer Videos published in 2013. Source: EE Video]

Titan Vision Animated Explainer Video

Titan Vision‘ – This short, fun animation will give you a taste of some of the business benefits of Physical Security Information Management – 2.5D Animated Video.

ARCHIE-WeSt Animated Explainer Video

ARCHIE-WeSt is a regional supercomputer centre in Glasgow at the University of Strathclyde dedicated to research excellence and wealth creation in the West of Scotland.

Becoming a social worker – Eddie

BASW‘ – Animated online film – Agency: Cactus ID

Quantum of SolsTiS – M Squared Lasers Animated Explainer Video

Quantum of SolsTiS‘ – 2.5D Animated Video.

Zestica Animated Educational Video

‘The Zestica Conception Kit’ – 2D Animated Educational Video.

Becoming a social worker – Amber

BASW‘ – Animated online film – Agency: Cactus ID

Track My Beef Animated Explainer Video

Track My Beef‘ – 2.5D Animated Video.

Push Digital Animated Explainer Video

Push Digital – Video SEO’ – 2.5D Animated Explainer Video.

Becoming a social worker – Steven

BASW‘ – Animated online film – Agency: Cactus ID

Dibbee Animated Explainer Video

Dibbee – Fundraising made simple’. 2D Animated Video.

Oristem Animated Explainer Video

Oristem – Adult stem cell collection in 7 simple steps’. 2D Animated Video.

LightForge Animated Explainer Video

LightForge‘ – 2.5D Animated Video.

How to Become an Early Riser Animation

How to Become an Early Riser‘. 2D Animated Explainer Video.

How to Reboot Your Brain Animation

How to reboot your brain‘. Simple but effective 2D ‘Stick Figure’ style animation.

CA Technologies / IDG Corporate Animation

Corporate Animated Infographics. Agency: Mind Orchard

2014 Showreel – Sundstedt Animation

2013 Showreel – Sundstedt Animation

I want one!What makes us unique? We have a unique visual flair, an alternative & innovative animation style that is different. We don’t use stock assets, all designs and illustrations are custom made by hand. Being safe and looking like everyone else is no longer a good option in this market! Don’t See What You’re Looking For? No problem, it doesn’t mean we cannot create it.

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