My Road to Learning Character Animation in Houdini: Step 1 – Key Poses

Posted on Friday, 7 August 2009
Street: 2d
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Starting to learn character animation

Starting to learn character animation, I felt I had to start somewhere. As I had a moment tonight to have a look at character animation in Houdini; I started off by learning to pose this character using it’s controls in a Key Pose I found interesting; as seen in this image. The character is in a key position; with contact on both feet and his right hand to the floor. Quickly rendered done with global illumination.

This was for me the 2nd attempt so far to pose a character; using IK Controls to create this pose. I think starting with learning to pose a character would be a good idea before starting with the actual first attempt with animation later.

I am going to be reading the Animator’s Survival Kit for principles of animation; as well as consulting some of the books I have on general 3D graphics. I have also ordered two new books today on Life Drawing to learn more about Key Poses and such.

If anyone can recommend any online guides to learning character animation; like a walk cycle as a start; by hand; please leave a comment here. Also; when would you generally recommend IK vs. FK for a beginner animator? I understand that some animators use FK for some things and IK for example for the hands; how do one combine the two practically?

Please do post links to FREE character animation tutorials.


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Street: 2d
See you at SIGGRAPH2008!

Anders is the Founder and Owner at Sundstedt Animation, where he creates handcrafted animated explainer videos, music videos and whiteboard videos. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and enjoys film and photography. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

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