DC3Occasionally Anders likes to unwind from work and just play some guitar, compose a melody on the computer or even sing a song. Here is music Anders recorded by himself at home between 1993-2010, just for fun. Please have a listen to if you like. The songs are a mix of covers, original songs, trackers songs, c64 covers and more. The gear used are: Electric 6-string Danelectro Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Amiga FastTracker, V-Amp2 and Microphone.

Anders have never played in public and is not looking for a career in music. He would however love to play guitar solo in a garage band or compose some electronic music for some project if the opportunity came around. If you like any of Anders original music you are welcome to get in touch.


Commodore C64 Song Covers (Guitar/Electronic)

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/Jason%20-%20Some%20Pleasure%20(V-AMP%202%20Mix).mp3″]

Some Pleasure – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/c64_remixes/Jason-TimmyBoy%28SoftPornMix%29.mp3″]

TimmyBoy (SoftPornMix) – Anders Sundstedt

Guitar (Improvised / Original Instrumental)

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/ZZ-Randevouz%5bSundstedt-02%5d.mp3″]

ZZ Randevouz – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/1.%20George%20Porrbillas%20v2.mp3″]

George Porrbillas v2 – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/Puzzled(Guitar%20improvisation)-Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Puzzled(Guitar) – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/SOLOING_NEW.mp3″]

Soloing (new) – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/SadSong(org)-AndersSundstedt.mp3″]

Sad Song – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/Unfinished(Sundstedt020327).mp3″]

Unfinished (2002-03-27) – Anders Sundstedt

Electronic (Originals)

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/DreamsOfMineRemix%5bjason%5d.mp3″]

Dreams Of Mine Remix – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/Sidlover%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Sid Lover – Anders Sundstedt

Covers (Tom Petty) by Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/On%20the%20Street-01.mp3″]

On the Street

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/SomethingGoodComing(Cover)-AndersSundstedt.mp3″]

Something Good Coming

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/The%20Last%20Dj%20-%20Cover%20-V2.mp3″]

The Last DJ

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/SOLITARY-MAN%20%5bCover,%20Sundstedt02%5d.mp3″]

Solitary Man


Commodore C64 Covers (Electronic)

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/c64_remixes/Jason-Hawkeye%28Dance%20Mix%29.mp3″]

Jason-Hawkeye (Dance Mix) – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/c64_remixes/Jason-Sluggin%27TheSea%28Loud_Mix%29.mp3″]

Jason-Sluggin’ The Sea (Cover by Anders Sundstedt)

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/c64_remixes/Tintin_Remix%5bA.Sundstedt-02%5d.mp3″]

Tintin_Remix – Cover by Anders Sundstedt (2002)

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/c64_remixes/BurningDesire%5bCoverbyA.Sundstedt-02%5d.mp3″]

BurningDesire (Cover by Anders Sundstedt 2002)

Vocal (Original Songs in Swedish & English (Guitar) + Vocal), 1990’s

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/Roadside(Sundstedt%201998).mp3″]

Roadside – Anders Sundstedt (1998)

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/Anders%20-%20Back%20in%20the%20Days.mp3″]

Back in the Days – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”https://sundstedt.se/music/MarkligaSaker%5bsundstedt-01%5d.mp3″]

Markliga Saker – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/Minnen%20fr%e5n%20F%f6rr%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Minnen från Förr – Anders Sundstedt

Amiga Computer

Tracker (Original Instrumental Tunes, Amiga Fast Tracker, around 1993)

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/NuclearRagga-AndersSundstedt.mp3″]

Nuclear Ragga – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/FirstTune%28-93%29-Piano-AndersSundstedt.mp3″]

FirstTune(1993) (Piano) Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Boppellibopp%20%28-93%29%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt%20%28Rankin%27%20Racing%20-99%29.mp3″]

Boppellibopp (1993) – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Ajs%20of%20B%e4js%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Ajs of Bäjs – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Asymptotic%20Remix%a8-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Asymptotic Remix (Intro Sample Tom Petty) – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Disco%20Beats%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Disco Beats – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Enter%20the%20System%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Enter the System – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Mix%20I%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Mix I – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Mix%20II%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Mix II – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Mix%20III%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Mix III – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Murder%20Kill%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Murder Kill – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Old%20Guitar%20Sample%20Song%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Old Guitar Sample Song – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Rhinocort%20Aqua%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Rhinocort Aqua – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/SmurfaHeppHepp-AndersSundstedt.mp3″]

SmurfaHeppHepp – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/Space%20Wolf%20-%20Anders%20Sundstedt.mp3″]

Space Wolf – Anders Sundstedt

[mejsaudio mp3=”//sundstedt.se/music/tracker/SpaceLamers-AndersSundstedt.mp3″]

SpaceLamers – Anders Sundstedt


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