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Posted on Tuesday, 28 October 2014
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Explain things in a new way
Explainer videos can be crafted in different styles, depending on the nature of a brand’s product or service and the composition of their target audience. The most popular explainer video styles are:

Character animated video

Also known as cartoon style, it is one of the most popular video styles. Storytelling plays the major role in this style and the usually colorful animation, music and sound effects catch viewers’ attention quickly. Custom-designed animated characters are created to bring emotion and personality to a brand.

Whiteboard animation:

The traditional whiteboard technique was made by an artist who drew on an actual whiteboard, while being recorded by a camera. Nowadays, these videos have become fully digital, but still try to recreate the classic procedure; some companies decided to go further, adding 2D character animation and special effects. Due to its educational nature, these videos are capable to explain complex information easily.

Motion graphics:

The motion graphic is the art of bringing graphic design to life through animation. This explainer video style uses graphics elements (such as shapes, colors and patterns) to convey a message through an elegant movement. Like whiteboard animation, it’s an efficient style to explain abstract or complex concepts in a comprehensible way.

Live action:

Differencing from the previous animated explainer videos, live action is one of the styles where everything is recorded with a real camera using real actors, becoming essentially a short film with marketing purposes. This style is usually the choice of companies that pursue the building of a personal relationship with their audience. One example of a site that would benefit from a great explainer video is ontarioexteriorsolutions.ca. Another website that would benefit from a great explainer is His Personal Best.

Screencast video:

It is a simple capture of a computer screen or a smartphone used to showcase how a product or service works. This style of video is regularly used on educational or try-before-you-buy campaigns. Its nearly inexpensive production makes them the usual first choice for low-budget companies.


Also stop-motion, it is a handcrafted animated video made by moving objects between photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when played continuously. It is also one of the oldest video techniques and, due to its production nature, one of the lengthiest videos to craft. However, it is chosen due to its sentimental approach for nostalgic audiences.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Another example of a site that would benefit from a great explainer video: www.mydefence.ca.


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Track My Beef Corporate Video
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – 18 June 2012 - Royal Albert Hall

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