Enabling more than 2GB memory in After Effects

Posted on Tuesday, 13 March 2007

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If you are rendering in After Effects and your machine has > 2Gb memory, you can increase the After Effects RAM-usage over the Windows XP limit of 2 GB by changing a simple command in a text file.

If this apply to you, then go on and follow this instruction:

The limit under Windows XP is 3 GB of RAM (per instance of AE). To achieve using more than 2 GB, do this:

1. Choose “Run…” from the start-menu (in windows, or simply hit your windows-key and then R.
2. Simply type the path to the hidden “boot.ini” file, this is normally, C:boot.ini
3. Press OK
4. Boot.ini opens in notepad. Find the4 line with your default OS, and add the following at the end of the line:


5. Close and save …
6. Restart the PC
7. After reboot, start After Effects and go to Edit -> Preferences and choose the “Memory & Cache” settings.
8. Now enable to checkbox to make AE handle the large amount of RAM better. (Prevent DLL Address Space Fragmentation).

When you now render in After Effects (assuming you got enough RAM in the machine) you will see it use > 2 GB in the render queue.

On my machine, I got 3 GB instead of 2 GB by these simple steps :D


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