2014 Sundstedt Animation Reel

Posted on Monday, 19 May 2014
Sundstedt Animation Feature on Pixelsmith
Sundstedt Animation Selected for Top 10 Best Explainer Videos

Here is a selection of clips from some of our favorite new videos in only 90 seconds:

2014 Sundstedt Animation Reel.

Special thanks to all! All copyright and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Thank you for watching. We hope you like it!

Sundstedt Animation creates handcrafted, custom made, bespoke animated videos.

Please note: All illustrations, artwork and designs in this video are custom made by hand, in-house. We never use stock artwork, templates, stock characters or drag & drop.

We create animated videos, explaining what you do, benefits of your website, product, idea, business, service or startup.

We are a small Glasgow based animation production studio, specializing in 2D/2.5D animation. We have strong imagination, a desire to create unique work & drawing ability with quality ink skills. We create short animated videos for all markets including: explanation videos, web videos, how to videos, motion graphics, commercials, music videos, infographics & corporate video production. They make what you offer understandable to the widest audience possible, in a fun & compelling way. Free Quote: http://alturl.com/5uxbe

Music by: Big Dipper by Spoonbill (spoonbill.net.au) with special permission.

The reel is also available on YouTube (with adverts):


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Sundstedt Animation Feature on Pixelsmith
Sundstedt Animation Selected for Top 10 Best Explainer Videos
Anders Sundstedt Photo

Anders is the Founder and Owner at Sundstedt Animation, where he creates handcrafted animated explainer videos, music videos and whiteboard videos. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and enjoys film and photography. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

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