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2.5D 3D Animated Photos

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We create 2.5D 3D Animated Photos transforming your still photos into 3D multiplanes and animate them, giving 3D depth to your photo. All clips are comprised of manually treated/prepared still photographs turned into a “3D” perspective video effect AKA Animated Photos / Parallax Effect.

Recent examples of Parallax | 2.5D 3D Animated Photos

Agency: Ai3 Creative JLT
Animation: Sundstedt Animation

Agency: Totalize Media Ltd
Client: JW Filshill
Animation: Sundstedt Animation

Other popular names for this effect are:

  • 2.5D Parallax Animated Photo
  • 2.5D Effect AKA Animated Photos
  • Photo 3D Animation
  • Animate Still Photos in After Effects
  • Photos into Animated Clips
  • 3D Animated Photos
  • Still to 2D 3D animation
  • Photo Multi-plane
  • Parallax

Watch a presentation films we made, featuring some Parallax / 2.5D 3D Animated Photos

Agency: Totalize Media Ltd
Client: JW Filshill
Animation: Sundstedt Animation

More about the 2.D 3D Animated Photo Effect / Parallax

We turn still photos into 3D multiplanes allowing us to experiment with depth and create animations based on the original still photographs. To allow camera animation we first need to photo retouch all images in multiple layers which requires very precise photo editing and is all handcrafted. Parallax means the difference in the apparent position of an object. Our skills and understanding of the movement of objects near and in the distance enables us to create animations bringing photographs and still images to life. The effect is really impressive. Have a look at the parallax examples above and then have a look in your image library to find images that we can bring to life for you. From a selection of images we can create a short film or presentation video that allows for the look of slow motion video and is stunning.

Interest in 2.5D Animation over time

How 2.5D animation is trending over time in the last 12 months.

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